Okay...this is a cool one! So, in 1998, M1 had a few prototypes that didn't meet their standards - so they packed them all together in an ultimate lucky bag. The vinyl is supposedly "thinner" than what the great Nishimura and Co. demanded...but it's still better than 99.9% of all toy makers! In this bag, there were three Baragons - a blank red, brown, and blue - in addition to some other cool (and unpainted) kaiju, kaijin, and seijin such as Hedorah, Anguirus, Mothra Larva, Alien Dada, Matango, and Alien Chibull. 


This red Baragon stands 9" and is a re-issue of the original Marusan sculpt from the late 1960s. 


No packaging.

Baragon - Lucky Bag Exclusive (M1, 1998)

  • M1


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