From Bandai and Ultraman X comes this electronic XDevizer! As a toy, the XDevizer not only plays transformation sounds into Ultraman X, but also features numerous functions for both Spark Dolls and Cyber Cards. While Cyber Cards are new to the Ultraman scene, fans will recognize Spark Dolls as the gimmick for Ultraman Ginga. With two gimmicks at the helm, the XDevizer has a backlog of compatible toys while opening up a whole new game with even more Spark Dolls and the whole new Cyber Card line. For a single toy, it sure does pack a lot! 



This lot includes:

  • xDevizer - working
  • Four (4) Cybercards - Zoffy, Ultraman Exceed X, Cyber Zetton, and Cyber Zarab


No box/packaging.

DX XDevizer w/ 4 Cards (Bandai, 2015)

  • Bandai


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