Exclusive to HMV stores, Bandai released a set of glow-in-the-dark mini figures around the release of 2004's Godzilla: Final Wars. This lot is incomplete, missing Hedorah and Ebirah only. However, it includes 13 pieces, ranging from 4" tall (Keizer Ghidorah, Gigan) to the size of a fingernail (Kamacuras, Kumonga).


Included are:

  • Godzilla 2004 
  • Monster X
  • Keizer Ghidorah
  • Gigan 2004
  • Anguirus 2004
  • Mothra 2004
  • King Seesar 2004
  • Manda 2004
  • Minilla/Minya 2004
  • Rodan 2004
  • Kamacuras 2004 (mini)
  • Kumonga 2004 (mini)
  • Gotengo 2004


It comes with the original box.

Final Wars Glow-in-the-Dark Figure Set - HMV Exclusive (Bandai, 2004)

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  • Bandai


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