To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Godzilla vs. Gigan and everyone's favorite cybernetic space chicken, Marusan and The Godzilla Store partnered on an exclusive "Lucky Bag". 


The star of the bag is the Marusan 350 Gigan. He stands 10" tall and is a clear vinyl filled with a bombardment of glitter. The chest and parts of the fins are painted a subtle gold; arms, beak, and feet are silver.  It's really a unique and original scheme! This is simply a must own! 


In addition to the figure, the bag includes:

  • Gigan 1972 Toho SFX Authentic Movie Visuals Book (Vol. 8)
  • Gigan 50th Anniversary Keychain
  • Godzilla Store Tote Bag (Black)

Gigan 50th Anniversary Lucky Bag - Godzilla Store Exclusive (Marusan, 2022)

  • Marusan


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