There are a few pieces of sofubi that, when you see them, you automatically think they are "hall of fame"-worthy. This is one of those pieces. From Marmit's famed Parababy line of medium (6") vinyls, comes this extra rare 2003 Tokyo Toy Festival-exclusive release of Godzilla '67 with Minya/Minilla. The brown colorway with the icy blue dorsal spines is goorgeous; plus, it comes with a 3" tall lime green version of everyone's favorite child kaiju! This may be one of the best depictions of the Godzilla suit from Son of Godzilla in soft vinyl form!


Comes with original header and bag.

Godzilla 1967 & Minya - Tokyo Toy Festival Exclusive (Marmit, 2003)

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  • Marmit


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