For the 60th anniversary of Godzilla and 10 year anniversary of Godzilla: Final Wars, Bandai released this San Diego Comic-Con exclusive version of FinaroGoji in a folding diorama box. Godzilla's colorway is unique, sporting orange accents across his torso, legs, and arms. He has never been removed from the box.


The box itself has been opened and the diorama displayed; therefore, it will require a re-glue for certain elements to stand properly. Please consult photos to see. No items have been torn; just folded back down so the box will shut for shipping. 

This was a limited edition run of 500 units; this particular item is #204 out of 500.

Godzilla 2004 w/ Diorama Box - San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive (Bandai, 2014)

  • Bandai


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