Godzilla: Kaiju no Daishingeki is a 1995 video game designed by SIMS Co. and published by SEGA for the Game Gear. 


It is a turn-based strategy game with some fighting game elements. A player can play as Godzilla or similar monsters, or as the G-Force, a human defense force. Those have monster killing tools such as tanks, artillery and planes. Some monsters are unplayable enemies and both sides will have the chance to fight against them. In the strategy part of the game, the player can move units on the map, and attack enemies. When an enemy is attacked, the game enters an arcade-like fighting game mode. When all units have used their actions points a turn ends.


This item comes with the original box, case, and cartridge.

Godzilla: Kaiju no Daishingeki Video Game - SEGA Game Gear (SEGA, 1995)

  • SEGA


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