Likely sold in a Japanese dagashiya (store selling candy and small toys), this is a vintage 8" long rubber band gun, modeleted after a revolver/six-shooter (popular in American westerns at the time). What makes this item unique is that it features three popular kaiju from Toho and Tsuburaya Productions - Godzilla, Seagorath (Return of Ultraman), and Sadola (Return of Ultraman). 


It is hard to say if this was a bootleg or officially licensed; best estimate on timing puts it in the early 1970s during the run of Return of Ultraman (due to the presence of Seagorath and Sadola). 


The item is unopened, however, the rubber bands that were included have hardened and broken over the last 50 years. 




Godzilla/Return of Ultraman Rubber Band Gun (1970s)

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