This is a gorgeous and very limited double-cast 9" vinyl of Gorosaurus, released by Marusan in 2004 as a Princess Street store exclusive, which means that less than 100 were issued. This is a charming version of the tenacious drop-kicking vulcanized tyrannosaurus featured in a jaw-dropping battle in King Kong Escapes (1967) and who had a pivotal supporting role in Destroy All Monsters (1968). The vinyl has blue and red sprays.


The item does include the original bag and headercard but has some wear and tear. See photos. Most notably, there is a small patch of discoloration on the fingers of the left hand. The legs aren't as straight as they originally were but that's fairly common with soft vinyl figures. 


Don't miss your chance to obtain a very rare Marusan reissue of a beloved and plucky kaiju. You could go years before seeing this particular item up for sale again!

Gorosaurus - Princess Street Store Exclusive (Marusan, 2004)

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