You want to own something ultra-unique? This might be your best bet to impress your kaiju-loving friends! From Bandai, Great Egg Heist Godzilla is a board game released in 1994 that includes an air-blowing Godzilla! This set comes with the box (slightly damaged) and all parts, including instructions. There are some small scuff marks on Godzilla's head (see photo).


Whether you use this as a display piece or actually play it, it will be a star in your collection!


Description (from

Run back and forth gathering marbles while Godzilla spins around and tries to whack you with his tail! Watch out, if you get knocked over you have to run back home before you can stand up and gather more marbles. Gawo Wowo!

Up to four players each use a hand crank to move their character back and forth on a fixed track, while Godzilla spins in circles sweeping colored marbles around a circular track. Each player tries to grab his or her own color of marble and haul it back to home base. If knocked over by Godzilla's tail, the player looses any marble he is carrying, and has to crank his character back home to stand back up.

Great Egg Heist Godzilla Game (Bandai, 1994)

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