M1 knocked it out of the park with the first official sofubi release from the 2022 film, What to do with the Dead Kaiju?, a joint venture between Toei and Shochiku. This 10" tall expertly sculpted Kibo is beautiful and bulky, possessing a weight not typical in most soft vinyl toys. This is truly a signature piece.


In addition to the amazing sofubi representation of Kibo, you will also get an autograph from kaiju modeler Shinichi Wakasa, signed at Wonderfest 2022! Wakasa's legendary career includes sculpting famed kaiju ranging from Fire Rodan to SpaceGodzilla to Destoroyah and working on nearly every Toho movie from 1993 - 2004. 


Wow! Don't miss out on this item!



Kibo (What to do with the Dead Kaiju?) - 2022 Wonderfest Exclusive (M1, 2022)

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