With 2000's Godzilla vs. Megaguirus, Bandai released two theater exclusive Megaguirus vinyls. This 7" long / 10" wingspan version is a repaint of the initial release - rather than a transulcent vinyl like the majority of the Bandai theater exclusives. In addition, this is one of the rare Bandais that doesn't have the serial number or gold sticker on the tag (it was on the original white box that it came in). 


The paint scheme itself is fantastic! It's the standard brown body with silver/blue/black wings, a silver and black underbelly, silver legs and red-tipped mandibles; in addition, the white teeth are painted brown and black to give it an even more menacing and gruesome appearance.


This figure comes with tag attached. No box.

Megaguirus - Theater Exclusive (Bandai, 1999)

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