As part of their 1991-1992 series of Bullmark re-issues, Bandai released this 9" tall Megalon based on the original Bullmark sculpt (not the 1989 Bandai sculpt). This version is hard-to-find; it's a stunning dark green with silver highlights and a reddish-purple streak down the center of its torso. The Seatopian guardian has never looked so good!


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**Note: there is no physical damage to the exterior of the item, however, there is an internal rattle noise if the item is shaken. There is likely a small bit of vinyl that broke off on the interior of the mold or a very tiny rock found its way into the item. Once again, no visible issues to the outside of the item.

Megalon - Bullmark Re-issue (Bandai, 1991)

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  • Bandai


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