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This is a lot of 10 Ultra series finger puppets (1.5"-2") from Tsuburaya Productions Co. and includes:


  • Mother of Ultra 
  • Mother of Ultra w/ Mantle 
  • Ultraman Taro
  • Ultraman Zero (Luna-Miracle Version)
  • Ultraman Victory
  • Ultraman Jack w/ Mantle (cream eyes)
  • Ultraman w/ Mantle (white eyes)
  • Chaos Ultraman (dark clone of Ultraman Cosmos)
  • Ultraman Ginga Victory
  • Dr. E.G. (from Bandai toy line infomercials)

Ultra Series Finger Puppet Set of 10 (Tsuburaya Productions Co., 2010-2012)

$29.00 Regular Price
$20.30Sale Price
  • Tsuburaya Productions Co. (TPC)

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