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Toys make us happy.


Toku Toy Town is committed to bringing collectors and casual fans alike the very best, rarest, and coolest in the world of sofubi, tokusatsu toys, and kaiju collectibles. We are striving to be the first place that you look when you're trying to hunt down that hard-to-find exclusive Marusan or that M1 with the unique colorway or that personal Marmit holy grail item. We understand your journey because we are collectors too!

Ever since securing a Bandai Gamera vinyl figure in 1992, kaiju collectibles have always been a passion. Though my collection has decreased, increased, evolved, and devolved over the course of three decades, I'm always trying to look for the next great deal or find. And now...I'm passing those finds to you! I am out scouring toy shops, antique malls, auctions, flea markets, and toy shows to try and secure undervalued and under-appreciated pieces that deserve to find a new home with someone that gets their purpose and comprehends their beauty.

I've been fortunate enough to have some success in my writing career, notably my science fiction quadrology - The Adventures of Duke LaGrange. The fourth book in the series is a not-so-subtle homage to my favorite genre, How to Battle Giant Monsters with a Drunk Space Ninja. You can check out these books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and most major retailers.

Lastly, I was honored to join the popular Yes Have Some network of podcasts (and other content) in 2021 as part of their new show - YHS on Monster Island. Please check it out wherever you get your podcasts or the video stream on YouTube. 

Please reach out if you have any questions about what we do at Toku Toy Town! I am only an email away!

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