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Talk about an unusual piece! This 8" tall Boss Borot (Boss Robot) from the animated series, Mazinger Z, is a bootleg toy from Mexico - roughly the 1970s. The funny part about it is that the character is made from scrap metal - and this rare toy is made also made from cheaper materials! But, as those that love bootlegs know, the cheaper the material - the harder it is for them to last. 


This giant monster mech is not in perfect condition - you can see paint chips - but no major damage (broken limbs, missing parts). He also comes with two alternate heads. 


The box has seen better days - major creasing, warping, and some small tears. See photos before purchasing. 

Boss Borot- Mexican Bootleg (Unknown Maker, ca. 1970s)

$85.00 Regular Price
$60.35Sale Price
  • Unknown

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