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Planet-X Asia is one of the premier sofubi makers in ther world - tackling both licensed and original creations. One of their most popular originals is the hulking half-ape/half-reptile kaiju - Zillathon! The obviouos Kong-Godzilla mash-up features a colorway inspired by 1995's "burning" Godzilla. 


This item is brilliant - the sculpt is on par with any other designers in the industry; and the paint application is crisp and bold. 


And he's huge...standing 11" tall and built like a brickhouse. Look at that menacing scowl! Wow!


Comes with original header and bag.


This was an exclusive to the Hakaba (Graveyard) Gallery in Japan.

Zillathon ("Burning Version") - Hakaba Gallery Exclusive (Planet-X Asia, 2023)

  • Planet-X Asia

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