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Did Mark Nagata's US-based sofubi shop, Max Toy Co., "win" 2023 Wonder Festival (Winter)? We think so! He released 18 Toho kaiju - the catch - all were one-day Japan only license! But, Toku Toy Town has you covered! We have this amazing Godzilla 1964 / MosuGoji that has that unique Max Toy "look" - a little top heavy, a little chibi, and a LOT detailed! He stands 4" tall - but packs a might wallop of awesomeness. His unique yellow colorway is a standout - and he comes with a dual-colored (blue and green) Mothra larva! This entry was distinct in not just the colorway, the additional kaiju included, but also it has a different header design!


Don't miss out!


Comes with original bag and header.

Godzilla 1964 - 2023 Wonder Festival - Winter Exclusive (Max Toy Company, 2023)

  • Max Toy Company

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