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From the 350 Series, this Godzilla 1999 / MireGoji stands at 9.5" tall and is nearly 11" in length. It is beautifully sculpted and stands out with its unique design.


The kaiju is molded in a translucent yellow/gold color with orange spray on the inside of the vinyl. It is reminiscent of the Bandai theater exclusive releases in color! Very cool homage to those unique figures. 


This was sculpted in 2023 but debuted as a "Heisei Godzilla" Lucky Bag exclusive at the March 16th, 2024 Marusan Kaiju Salon Pop-up Shop. And yes, we know this is Godzilla 1999 of the "Millennium Series" - but that series fell in the actual Heisei period (1989 - 2019), that's why it's called the "Heisei Godzilla" Lucky Bag. 


Comes with original bag and header.

Godzilla 1999 - Lucky Bag Exclusive (Marusan, 2024)

  • Marusan

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